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Diploma Programme students on summer internships

25 June 2018

From 2nd to 8th June, 51 grade 11 students stayed at Rural Development Trust in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, as orientation for their ensuing four-week summer service internships. The aim of these internships is to broaden the spectrum of experiences our students have, and to help them better understand social issues. The orientation camp helps ease them into the conditions of their internships, so students can be better prepared and assimilate more seamlessly. 

Student internships are spread over 8 states and 20 non-profit organisations. These organisations work in education, rural development, women and child empowerment, disaster preparedness, youth training, agriculture and nutrition. Several of these organisations are agencies belonging to the Aga Khan Development Network. Student placements at these non-profits followed a rigorous internal selection process involving the Academy’s senior leadership and the organisations themselves.

The orientation camp was conducted by Academy partner, Rubaroo. Rubaroo’s mission is to make education more democratic by building spaces where ‘young adults are nudged to explore and link their academic learning with realities around them.’ During orientation, students delved into case studies and discussions on topics such as gender, patriarchy, discrimination, power and identity politics.

To support His Highness the Aga Khan’s vision to create homegrown leaders, these coming weeks give students the opportunity to understand the people they will come to represent and be sensitive to their needs. These internships are unique to the Diploma Programme at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, and part of what makes our secondary education holistic. “The conversations we had at our orientation camp changed my perspective on the world,” said Ilf Momin of grade 11. “I have a newfound respect for the resources available to me.” Students were accompanied by leadership and internships coordinator, Pratibha Thimmaraya and CAS coordinator, Venkat Reddy.