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Keeping fit while having fun!

08 February 2018

Senior School annual athletics meet

Our 5th athletics meet took place on the morning of Friday 2nd February on the grounds. As usual, the day kicked off with all the houses doing a march past. Then came the track events, the experience everyone remembers. The 100, 200, 400 metre races, and the relay race are events that even the teachers get excited about!  

The loud screams of the senior most students, cheers for the runners, the urge to cross the finish line, are just some of the things that excite students on these days which are dedicated to sport. Just as the results were announced, “Kakatiya House – 1st place!”, the entire Kakatiya House celebrated by letting out a deafening roar of triumph. They had won for the second consecutive year.

As the day came to an end, the houses dispersed in the usual fashion, discussing who had won what and how they had won it. Like every year, the entire Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad was on its feet to witness victory - not of the Kakatiya House specifically, but of the spirit of true sportsmanship.  

Written by Ayan Hamid

PYP network sports meet

The 7th PYP Hyderabad Network Sports Fest 2017-18 was conducted on 29th & 30th January at Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad. 10 schools participated in shot put, broad jump and running competitions. We won a total of 37 medals (six gold, 16 silver and 15 bronze), one runner-up trophy and two best athlete awards for Temwani Joy Mabo (grade 4) and Faiyaz Samnani (grade 5). Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Written by Ms. Vajravani

Squash tournament

Hard work, will power, and dedication - three qualities that were seen by every participant in the squash tournament. I vividly remember hearing the news, that season 1 was going to take place, and I made it a point from then on to go for practices every single day. That was three years ago. This year I also participated in season 3, and even though I take part every season, every year before my match I feel a sense of anxiety. But as I get into the squash court, with the blaring cheers of my peers, that fear is soon demolished. I am so happy today to stand with a gold medal around my neck. Those practices paid off!

Written by Atiya Panjwani (grade 10)