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MYP students take the Silk Road

25 May 2018

Students of grade 7 had a fun summative task for their humanities and music interdisciplinary unit on the Silk Road. Our task was to create a skit related to the silk route and to compose a piece of music to include in our skit. Everyone felt that this summative was a very engaging activity. It took place in the Academy Senior School music room on 17th May 2018 in the afternoon. There were about 11-12 groups and almost everyone was dressed in colourful traditional attire, looking like beautiful butterflies.

We all learned about the significant individuals of the Silk Route as several groups spoke about them. Groups used different languages to showcase the culture of various regions which exposed us to the culture of the Silk Road. Almost all skits showed how people traded and how economy developed. The other takeaway from the assessment was that we saw different points of views of our classmates. It was like watching short films about the silk road.

This was a great summative task. I feel that all the groups came up with very good skits. Overall it was a great learning experience.

“In my opinion this was the best unit of the year and this was the first interdisciplinary unit I experienced," said Mahek Jasani of 7A. "This unit bought a lot of fun and memorable activities. I learned a lot from watching the groups perform on different aspects of the Silk Road," she said.

“The endeavour made by the grade 7 students in performing their Silk Road skits is much appreciated," said Individuals and Societies facilitator, Dr. Bhanu Prasad Singh. "The performances were a true reflection of their learning and the hard work they invested in researching, writing the skits and preparing for their final performances. They demonstrated how ideas from two disciplines (music and Individuals & Societies) could be connected.”

Written by Aashna Lakhani, 7A