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Aishwarry Pettie (Class of 2014): On the Path of Chasing His Dreams

Aishwarry Pettie praises the teachers at the Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad for grounding him in his love for mathematics and economics and helping him find a clear vision of how to follow what he always wanted to pursue in his life. Aishwarry will attend the Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in the fall to begin his undergraduate work. He plans to major in economics and mathematics with a minor in business. Aishwarry was also accepted at Warwick University in the United Kingdom.

“Since the beginning, I was interested in going into the business field. Also, at the Academy, credit to some fantastic teachers, my love for mathematics and economics grew. It was then that I understood how all the three subjects complemented each other, and with some right counselling, I made the decision to do economics and math as a major.”

Aishwarry emphasises that the counselling he received at the Academy played a major role in getting him admission to the universities of his choice.

“At the Academy, the counselling did definitely help me in getting comfortable with the whole process of applying to universities. Be it from filling out forms to writing essays and sending documents, it was all done smoothly.”

Aishwarry feels he is ready to face the challenges that lie ahead because of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program that he completed at the Academy.

“As of now, everything about the university feels fairly simple. Yes, certainly, at college, academics would be very challenging, but I think I am very well prepared as far as studies are concerned primarily because of the IB curriculum, and more importantly, the way the Academy had us deal with it.”

Reflecting on some of the co-curricular activities that Aishwarry engaged in, he says his participation in organising the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad Model United Nations (MUN) conference was the most memorable. He said this engagement gave him an understanding of the practical implications of his education and work.

“Right from making the first proposal to making the budget, and finally making the MUN happen, I was involved. The three days of the conference, those were three days I was particularly proud of, seeing the fruit of all the hard work we put in.”

Aishwarry plans to pursue a Master’s degree in business before returning to India to expand the family business. In India he dreams of using his education and experience toward increasing literacy rates and eliminating poverty among the populace.

“I would certainly hope for the clichéd India without poverty and a more literate population, much like our ‘developed’ counterparts. Nonetheless this would be me hoping for far too much in a short timespan. However, what I can rightly hope for is that the right steps be taken to tackle such problems.”

Aishwarry says he will always cherish the ethics of hard work, independence and respect for others that he learned at the Academy.

“At the Academy, one thing that I learnt was to see myself as a complete individual and not just a student. With equal focus on academics, sports and various extracurricular activities, we learnt here holistically. All this with enough freedom and… guidance made us matured and self-responsible adults. To complement this was a great batch of fellow students from varied backgrounds and cultures that had me learn to respect others and their cultures.”

“Now that I plan to set my foot in a whole new world and country where being independent and responsible are two necessities, the values that the Academy instilled in me are something that will certainly help me, and I will always be grateful for that.”


By Perviz Walji