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Reaa Mehta: Ultimate Learning Experience at the Academy

“The teachers at the Academy are open-minded and take interest in students, and also the people are nice.”

After reading about the IB curriculum on the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad website, meeting with the teachers and seeing the campus in person, Reaa Mehta was convinced that the Academy was the school she wanted to join as part of her career investment.

Reaa is a residential student who joined the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad in August 2011. She is enjoying the style of learning at the Academy: “My last school…did not offer TOK [Theory of Knowledge], did not allow me to go deep into the subjects. I did not get to…read books of my choice, but after coming to the Academy, I have much more freedom to read the books I want and express my opinion,” says Reaa confidently.

Reaa’s parents live in Hyderabad. “In the beginning it was a little difficult for me not to be able to see my parents in spite of them living so close,” says Reaa, but since becoming engrossed in her work and getting involved in sports, she does not miss home as much.

Reaa likes the Academy in general including the library, the dorm and its courtyard. She loves the subjects and her classes. She likes playing football, which she had never played before coming to the Academy. Being a swimmer, she misses swimming and is looking forward to the swimming pool being finished at the Academy. She would also like to have more books in the library, “But that’s coming,” she says happily. Reaa likes her teachers and dorm parents.

When asked about her favourite subject, Reaa replies, “I never liked mathematics but now enjoy it after joining the Academy.” She also likes Philosophy, Economics and English Literature and would love to take History if the IB curriculum allowed students to take four humanities subjects. Politics is another subject she prefers, but it is not yet offered in the curriculum.

After finishing her IB, Reaa is looking at studying law and is hoping to pursue human rights. Reaa also wants to be a writer, “But let’s see where that takes me,” she remarks.