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Rudra Aryan: Aspiring engineer builds fully-functional drone

Rudra’s favourite class has always been Physics. “You get to learn about the laws of nature – concepts we use every day,” he says. 

As a Grade 9 student, Rudra created a “Smarthome Automation System,” a system that can control ceiling fans, switch the lights off and on and connect with other appliances, all from one’s cell phone. Rudra was inspired by his grandparents to create the SAS. “My aim was to make it for my grandparents, who are older and can’t move around as easily anymore.” 

Although SASs are already on the market, they generally cost 70,000 INR per room. Rudra’s SAS was significantly cheaper – only 2,000 INR per room – and more energy efficient. The difference in price gives a wider segment of the population access to this helpful system.

For his grade 10 Design Project, Rudra decided to take it up a notch and build a fully-functional drone. First, he identified a problem – he noticed there were very few security cameras on campus to prevent theft. So, he opted to make a camera-drone for the school. He met with Ram Babu, the Senior Electrical Engineer at Air India to glean some insight. Ultimately, the drone successfully flew around campus multiple times – a testament to Rudra’s talent. 

What’s next for Rudra? He would like to pursue a career as an electrical engineer, just like his mentor at Air India. He hopes to study at MIT in the United States or the University of Waterloo in Canada. 

Best of luck, Rudra!