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Students experience the legacy of ancient Egypt

13 February 2018

The students of grade 6 attended a session on ancient Egypt as part of their “Did They Live Like Us?” unit in Individuals and Societies. The session was conducted by Ontario teacher, Ms. Michelle Massaro, invited by grade 6 faculty leader Ms Priyodarshini Das. Ms. Michelle has studied architecture and visited Egypt.

Michelle introduced the students to the achievements and technology of the Egyptian civilisation with discussions on the Rosetta Stone, pyramids and obelisks. Students also considered whether it was ethical for the British to have Egyptian artefacts in their museums.

The budding historians were enthralled by what they learned about the ancient civilization's culture, society and architecture. “The ancient Egyptians seemed to be an incredibly intelligent civilization,” said Sanaa Latif, grade 6. "They could tell time by using an obelisk!”

After hearing about the impact of British occupation in the river valley civilisation, Neharika Govindu said that she wants to go to Egypt and see the monuments in person, having already been to the British museum.

The session was very well received and has sparked fascination for ancient cultures among students. “I want more sessions like this one!” said Sufi Nathani.  

Written by Ajay Sundaram