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Day School Fees

Day school fee schedule for the academic year 2016–2017.

The fees indicated below are in Kenyan Shillings.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees per term *  
Year 1 (PYP) 122,430  
Year 2 (PYP) 153,170  
Years 3–5 (PYP) 179,670  
Year 6 (MYP) 189,750  
Year 7 (MYP) 217,250  
Years 8–10 (MYP) 257,950  
Years 11–12 (DP) 338,800  
Sibling discount (on lowest fee) 5% of tuition fee applicable for second and subsequent children  
Early payment discount 3% of annual tuition fees, if full year fee is paid before 15 July 2016  
Late fee penalty

10,000 per month (if tuition fees are not paid by the due dates).

Additional charges of 2,500 will apply for dishonoured cheques.

School transport (optional)


Nyali/New Nyali 78,000  
Tudor/Makupa 54,000  
Town 48,000  

Admission fees/caution deposit

Admission fees 50,000  
Caution deposit 50,000  

Assessment fees

Other fees/charges


School lunch (optional) 50,000  
IB exam fees Actual (applicable for year 10 and year 12)  
UCAS fees Actual (applicable for year 12 only)  
Fieldtrips/music/swimming/other Optional – will be advised by respective teachers  
Yearbook 1,000 (annual)  

Please note:  If a student wishes to withdraw from the school, please refer to the school fee policy.
* There are three terms per year. The fees for each term are due by 15 July 2016, 21 November 2016 and 1 March 2017.