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Kanyerezi Family: More than Academic Excellence

Kawalya and Brenda Kanyerezi were searching for an academic environment where their child could thrive, one that would instigate his creativity and push him to excel in different areas and activities: “As parents, we were looking for a school that would challenge Kyle to think thrice as hard, be a problem solver and think imaginatively, outside the box. We also wanted a school with a conducive learning environment that would balance academics with sports and other creative arts.”

They felt it was essential to provide Kyle with a more holistic approach to education in order to succeed in the current reality, where individuals are required to excel beyond academics, “Having both attended traditional Christian schools where emphasis was majorly on academics, we felt that in our world today, one must be exposed to other facets of learning in order to develop and nurture their talents.”

Mr and Mrs Kanyerezi were thrilled to see that the Academy experience was impacting Kyle in a positive manner and providing an environment that enabled him to grow as an individual, “Kyle joined the school in January 2012 and the changes we have noticed in him are remarkable. He is independent, expresses himself with more confidence and the exposure he has gotten is priceless.”

They feel that at the Academy, Kyle is learning valuable skills that will help him continue to grow and develop his talents throughout his academic life and beyond, “We like that the school encourages students to research, seek information on their own rather than being “spoon-fed”.  Kyle is learning about deadlines, which by the time he is ready for university and the big wide world, will be an asset.”

They also particularly appreciate the diversity of the student body and staff, as well as the general philosophy that makes life at the Academy such a unique learning experience, “The multicultural environment and the balance between academics, the arts and sports are just what we wanted in a school.”