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Serunjogi Family: Preparing for the future

Mr and Mrs Serunjogi couldn’t have been happier when they received the news that their son had been admitted to the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa: “We first visited the Academy the day of Ham’s interview. We were blown away by the facilities and greatly impressed by the people – students included – we met. Luckily for Ham, he got admitted and soon thereafter started what he today describes as the best 2 years of school to date.”

It can be a challenge to be away from your child, but Mr. and Mrs Serunjogi were reassured in that the residential experience at the Academy provided all the moral and emotional support that Ham needed – both academically and socially – during his time away from home: “At the Academy Ham found work – hard but interesting work – he found friends who inspired him and who were inspired by him. Ham found a remarkable group of faculty that both drove and supported him. He found Dorm parents that were indeed, parents.”

Mr and Mrs Serunjogi found that Ham’s time at the Academy provided him with valuable life lessons that went beyond academics, and with experiences that led to his personal development and helped him untap his potential. In their own words: “Most importantly Ham found himself. Through the many hours of community work Ham found compassion, as a competitive swimmer Ham found achievement and as President of the Student Council Ham discovered the joys of responsibility!”

They are very proud of Ham’s achievements and growth, and feel that the well-rounded education that Ham received at the Academy has been a defining element for his success in the future, “Ham’s time at the Academy had molded him into a fuller more holistic individual, a quality highly sought after by the world’s top universities. Today Ham is a proud freshman at Grinnell College in Iowa, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the USA.”