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Fee Schedule

Fee schedule for the 2016–2017 academic year.

Fee Schedule for the 2016–2017 Academic Year Portuguese.pdf

Annual tuition fees USD
KG3 & grades 1–6 (for Mozambican citizens)  9,438
KG3 & grades 1–6 (for non-Mozambican residents/foreign citizens) 14,269
Other fees USD 
Admission fee1 2,900
Security deposit2 275
Bus fees (optional) USD 
Annual fee  1,268
Lunch  USD 
Annual fee 1,180


1        A one-time, non-refundable admission fee is payable for each student enrolling for the first time.

2        A one-time security deposit is payable upon acceptance of admission. It is refundable when the student leaves the school as long as the required notice has been given in writing and 'no due' clearance is obtained from the school. No interest is paid or payable on this deposit.

3        A sibling discount of 5% of tuition fees will be applicable for second and subsequent children. All other school fees are assessed at full cost.

4        Tuition fees include course fees, the use of essential course books, library books, IT and science laboratory equipment and certain classroom supplies. Not included are items such as school uniforms, individual or specialist lessons, field trips, and transport and school meals.

5        Options for payment of fees:

(a) Annually in advance – with an early-payment discount of 3% in tuition fees if paid in full before 22 July 2016.

(b) Three equal instalments payable by 22 July 2016, 22 November 2016 and 22 February 2017.

(c) A penalty of 1.75% per month will apply to the outstanding balance if payment is not received by the due date, or failure to meet a payment deadline within the agreed payment plan. Please note that failure to make payment within 30 days of a payment deadline may also result in withdrawal of the student.

6        Payment of school fees will be accepted in meticais or dollars. For payment in meticais the exchange rate will be the Moza Bank average buy/sell rate of the day of payment (www.mozabanco.co.mz/EN/cotacoes). 

7        If a student wishes to leave the school, one term’s notice of withdrawal must be given in writing or, in lieu of notice; one term of the annual fees will be due and payable. School clearance will not be possible until an account is settled in full.

8        Students who have been admitted to the Academy, and can demonstrate need, will be considered for financial aid.

9        The above terms and conditions may be modified or additional terms may apply to reflect changes to the law or changes to our services. We will send you the revised terms if applicable.

10       For further information please contact Ms Cheinaz Vissram by email on admissions.maputo@agakhanacademies.org.