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Fundraising to mitigate animal suffering

03 January 2018

Grade 11 student Shaivya Arya writes about her service project geared at supporting the Blue Cross animal shelter.

Being a massive animal lover throughout my life, there was no better CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project than volunteering at the Blue Cross, an animal welfare organization located in Jubilee Hills. The goal of our CAS project was to spread awareness about ethical treatment towards animals and work towards betterment of their living standards. To fulfil our goal, we organized a fundraising activity during the end-of-term Parent Teacher Meeting that took place on Friday 15th December.

We sold Blue Cross merchandise, comprising mainly of t-shirts promoting animal welfare as well as animal centred greeting cards. It was overwhelming to receive such a positive response and to know that people were happy to support such a cause. We were able to raise Rs. 34,000 that will be used to benefit Blue Cross animals.

A CAS project like this provided me with the opportunity to enhance skills of self-management, organization, communication and working collaboratively, which led to a feeling of accomplishment.  I look forward to more opportunities of bringing about change. Even though the change is minor, it is still significant for me as small changes make big differences.