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Grade 6 exhibit - a portal to the past and a different present

11 April 2018

Students of grade 6 built an exhibition on historic civilisations, art and monuments on Thursday, 5th April at Senior School. Models for the exhibition were based on the ‘Did They Live Like Us’ unit in Individuals and Societies.

The exhibits explored aspects of the the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Indus Valley civilisations. There were also features of the Ziggurats, Rosetta Stone, and cityscapes from Harappa and Mohenjo Daro on display. Students shared facts and theories about trade, agriculture, communication and sciences from these early periods. “I found out so much about the Chinese Valley civilisation and the role of Yangtze River in developing this civilisation,” said grade 6 student Adam Oshon Arun.

The exhibition acted as a hands-on approach to learning history, turning the past into a three dimensional timeline. “This was a good experience to involve the kinaesthetic learners and was an ideal task to engage students,” said Afeera Maryam. The following Monday on 9th April, grade 6 students also held a math exhibition. Using their understanding of geometry, the exhibit featured blueprints of cities designed by students. The display was based on the unit 'Geometry - Bob the builder'. 

These MYP students collaborated in teams to construct their models and diagrams. Projects were created on deadlines, inculcating students with responsibility and self-management skills. Through this exercise, they learned to communicate within their group, investigate together, and to solve problems as a team.

PYP students visited the history exhibition and interacted with presenting students to listen to and see the stories of human history. ‘It was amazing! I am impressed,’ said Grade 5 student, Shubham Jaydip.


Contributors: Afeera Maryam, Vasanthi Thandlam