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Showcasing annual achievements and learning

18 June 2018

Every year the Academy's Primary Years Programme students host the Student Led Conference where they share what they have learned over the past year with their families. This year’s SLC was held on Friday 25th May along with the annual Junior School Art Exhibition.

Students showed their portfolios, project work and even demonstrated their new acquired musical talents to eager parents. An Information Communication Technology center was set up in each classroom where students showed their dexterity with technology. Parents also saw their children’s vibrant classrooms and interacted with form tutors.  “My parents were highly impressed with the way the classroom was organised,” said grade 5 student, Divya. “I feel so happy that I could make them proud.”

The Junior School Art Exhibition gave our budding artists an opportunity to showcase their work to their parents and other visitors. The exhibit, held at the Junior School Library, was curated by JS art facilitator Nivedita Badepally.

To add to the festivities, the 25th also saw the Scholastic Book Fair. Parents, teachers and students thronged to the shelves to pick their favourites from the array of books on offer. With the academic year coming to an end and summer break just around the corner, everyone connected to the Academy took the day to reflect and look ahead to the year to come.

Contributed by Mita Mohapatra