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Snapshots from the Academy Junior School

07 September 2017

Field trips to the Qutb Shahi Tombs, Student Council elections and interesting assemblies made for yet another eventful week in the IB Primary Years Programme.

A date with history

Students from grades 1-5 visited the Qutb Shahi Tombs on Saturday 26th August. The tombs are currently being restored by a multi-disciplinary team of conservation architects, engineers and historians as part of an integrated conservation and landscape restoration project by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. The wonderful weather, sprawling greenery and majestic architecture made it a memorable day for both students and teachers. Two tour guides accompanied the group and provided vital information on the techniques and processes used for restoration.

Student Council elections

Student Council elections are held every year in the Academy Junior School to equip students with choice, voice, and the opportunity to demonstrate leadership qualities. To orient students in grade one, their form tutor Ms. Laboni read a book called “The Earth and I” in which a little boy inventories the many ways he and the planet benefit and enjoy each other. Each student was asked to draw a self-portrait, and then stuck two out of six leadership attributes on the portrait of the student they thought would make the best leader. The student who got the maximum chits won. Student council members were introduced during assembly the following week, and they spoke about their vision for the school.

Guest speaker leads Bakrid assembly

Ms. Zoya, parent of grade 4 student Daanya Mohammed, led the Bakrid assembly on Friday 1st September.  She read the story behind the Bakrid celebration and spoke about the significance of generosity and sacrifice in Islam. She exhibited a few artefacts and gifted attar (a fragrance) and dates which was later distributed across the Junior School. Thank you, Ms. Zoya!