Talent Buzz 2017 | Aga Khan Academies

Talent Buzz 2017

25 April 2017

The annual student-run Academy Talent Buzz took place on Saturday 8th April in the Commons, captivating their audience with exceptional song, instrumental, dance and drama performances. With a total of 23 acts involving 46 students from grades 6-11, the show ran from 6-9pm and demonstrated a true diversity of talent. Talent Buzz this year had as one of its highlights, a magic show and surprise dance performance by the entire grade 11 – who also organized the event. Congratulations to all those who participated and all those who won!


Category A - Singing

1st: Zia Champan and Jash Goragandhi (grade 11)

2nd: Saathwik Yadavalli (grade 11)

3rd: Zubayer Khan and Khushal Agarwal (grade 8)

Category B – Dancing

1st: Shirhan Devani (grade 11)

2nd: Navdhir Polkampally, Raghuteja Bollampally and Dharnidhar Reddy (grade 7)

3rd: Anusha Oza (grade 10) and Insha Rajwani (grade 11)

Category C – Lone Instrument

Jash Goragandhi (grade 11)

Category D – Other acts

1st: Sanvi Gadhiya (grade 10)

2nd: Aarav Vadhavania (grade 9), Zoya Virani (grade 7), Ashutosh Kumar (grade 7), and Harshit Singh (grade 8)

3rd: Inara Dhanani, Rida Mawani, Aksha Hemnani, Mahek Charania, Zoya Virani (grade 7)

Click here to see photo higlights of Talent Buzz!