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Trip to campus water plant for MYP students

09 May 2018

Grade 6 students visited the Academy’s water management plant on Thursday, 19th April 2018 as part of their Individuals and Societies unit, ‘Water for Everyone.’

Under the guidance of Senior School teachers Deeksha Pathak, Priyodarshini Das and Afeera Maryam, students learned about the rights and responsibilities of people in ensuring quality of life for all. Students’ objective at the plant was to understand the role of humans in the water cycle. This was an inquiry driven class and students created a survey to get a better understanding of a how a water management facility works. 

Students saw the process of extracting freshwater, treating it, and supplying it to buildings on campus. They also saw how sewage water is treated and recycled for gardening. The 6th graders spoke with Chandrashekar Rampuri, Mallesh Somaraju, Bhaskar Arkanti of the operations team and asked them questions regarding the water management system at the Academy. “Through this visit we learned that there is so much hard work behind the process of water management and that made us think about how we use the precious resource,” said Kaushik Palavalasa.   

Students returned to their classrooms with a sense of academic accomplishment, having seen real life application of concepts from their textbooks. The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad is a proud recipient of the Indian Green Building Council’s platinum certification, and we strive to instill the importance of protecting the environment in all our future leaders.

Written by Deeksha Pathak with Afeera Maryam